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6 Broadcasting for Schools

Bonham Network News

What is a Broadcast News?

  • Broadcast News is the broadcasting of various news events and other information via television or radio.

What are the options for broadcasting?



Broadcast Digital Content (i.e. PowerPoint Presentation)








Current District Use


* Blocked by District

Live broadcast using free software.

Cameras can be inexpensive "web cams" or better featured digital video cameras.


Free, Downloadable



Available, Live

Commonly used, however limited support

Some viewers may already know how to use

Multiple computers each with web camera one for each "newscaster." One computer with web camera - "newscasters" switch

Blocked by District

Adobe Connect

Viewers log in to a "meeting" and view broadcast. Can be archived for later viewing.

Cameras can be inexpensive "web cams" or better featured digital video cameras.

easily accomplished

$150 per year per campus


100 per session

Available, Live

Expertise provided by company

Professional training available. Viewers including parents would have a steeper learning curve than with Skype

Multiple computers each with web camera one for each "newscaster." One computer with web camera - "newscasters" switch

No one using, but could be supported, may require specific port access

Recorded Broadcast

Digital video camera(s) used to record broadcasts which are then distributed via DVD and/or posted on a web page.

Takes approximately 30 minutes to convert to DVD and/or post on web page

Could be added in editing phase, time consuming.

Free - iMovie, Windows Media Player, etc.

none - distributed via DVD LAN, WAN - web page


Available, posted on web, wiki, moodle, etc.

Commonly used, would have to have appropriate player - i.e. flash

Most viewers already have skills

Digital Camera(s) one computer, web site (moodle, etc.) on server

Existing technology in district

Closed Circuit Television

Live broadcast, using analog broadcasting equipment.

If cable and televisions are available throughout the school, this can be a very inexpensive option

Need convertor (RF modulator) then controlled by mixer board or simple switch.


closed circuit cable

unlimited, as long as connected to closed circuit

No, unless recorded and published on web page.

old, existing technology

Multiple cameras, mixer board. Single camera, vcr

some campuses have done this in the past

Common Elements to Consider: Tripods for cameras, Quiet room for recording, Lighting, Microphones, Appropriate furniture, and props

How much do the items needed for broadcasting cost?


Base Price*

Laptop (Macbook)


Video Camera






Firewire Cables


Optional Items to consider:

Lapel Microphone


Furniture (desk, podium, chairs, dividers, stands)

Prices vary depending on school availability

Stage presentation items (background image, weather map, fabric, props, cafeteria menu, clip boards)

Prices vary depending on school availability

Green Screen




Sound Mixer Board


*Base prices quoted on January 13, 2010. Prices may vary after the date.

Equipment List

Is there a checklist I could use?

  • Yes


Are other schools broadcasting?

  • Yes, other schools in San Antonio ISD are broadcasting (Green Elementary, Bonham Elementary, Woodlawn Hills Elementary, and Barkley-Ruiz Academy)

How are other campuses broadcasting?

  • Green Elementary- Closed Circuit Television

  • Barkley-Ruiz Academy- Closed Circuit Television

  • Woodlawn Hills Elementary - Closed Circuit Television

  • Bonham Elementary- ADOBE Connect

  • Baskin Academy-ADOBE Connect

What can I broadcast?

  • Morning News Shows, Special Announcements, Weekly Updates, other school-related events.

Do I need permission to broadcast?

  • Yes, all broadcasts need web permission slips. Broadcasts are not unlike any other medium to publish, students must have permission slips signed by a parent/guardian.

Who do I contact for further information?

  • Claude Ascolese with The Office of Instructional Technology and Learning Services, (210)554-2430

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